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Erie Family Life offers a series of annuities aimed at providing you with new tools for financial security. Discover why annuities are an excellent alternative to low yielding bank CDs or passbook savings accounts. Watch the Life Annuity Flash Presentation (at left) or call us at
814-734-5618 or Toll Free 1-888-891-1057 for more complete information.

The ERIE Flagship Annuity portfolio consists of the following plans:

Flexible Premium Deferred Annuity (FPDA)
Allows you to make scheduled or intermittent payments into a retirement savings plan that will be available when you need it. This plan can also be used as a non-qualified savings vehicle for retirement.

Single Premium Deferred Annuity (SPDA)
If you invest $10,000 to $49,999, a Single Premium Deferred Annuity is an excellent choice.

Enhanced Single Premium Deferred Annuity (Enhanced SPDA)
If you can invest $50,000 or more, Erie Family Life's Enhanced SPDA offers a 2 percent, first-year bonus interest rate and an additional quarter percent interest rate enhancement. The Enhanced SPDA is also a great alternative to taxable certificates of deposits, rollovers from qualified plans or lump sums.

Single Premium Immediate Annuity (SPIA)
The SPIA is an excellent choice for someone who desires an immediate source of income. Income options include period certain, life annuity, life annuity with periods certain and joint and survivor annuity.

*Erie Family Life products are not available in all states.


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